I am on your unsecured networks…

…stealing your bandwidths.

So I’ve moved again. This time into a studio in Newtown. It feels like the biggest place I have lived in purely because it has the biggest room. It is only one room, however. It does have an awesome balcony. Currently I have a set of mags sitting out there waiting for a set of tyres. Plus it has a cool parking spot. I am going to check out the pub this weekend. ‘The’ pub being the closest pub (20m) out of the dozen or so within walking distance. Of course, I have already been to this pub many times. But now it is my local. I’ll need to figure out what is good on the food menu. Then I can tell people, “Oh, well the tandori tofu bean salad is fuckin the shiznit.” Or more likely “Sick burgers.” “…” “No, that’s all I’ve tried.”

I ordered an iPhone. Yes, I am a slut for middle class technology. That and giant robots. Speaking of which… Michael Bay, you CBA-ad appearing mofo. You’d better not stuff up Transformers with some giant unicycle shit. I’ll fuckin lynch ur facebooks like ur an arsonist.

I got pre-approval for a home loan. I have not got pre-approval for being an adult. I am testing out the studio vibe somewhat. I’ve got a steady job you see. It is all coming together… That or I buy an R32 GTR.

I am still figuring out what to do with this blog. I used it to think through problems. Now I face problems and I have little control over how I tackle them. I am a worker stooge. I accept my fate with the same knowingness that all workers have.

I am scanning eBay for an excercise bike as it is time to stop drinking mojitos and get out of the pool to come home from my vacation in the land of fat.

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  1. Hope you find some nice pubs or places to eat before we arrive. Do you have enough room? – I am sure you will be looking for storage or cubboard units soon!!

  2. Vacation in the land of fat?

    Why don’t you come and stay at my place, given that I LIVE IN THE LAND OF FAT.

    Looking forward to coming to visit your new place and eating the local tandoori parmas or whatevz.

  3. Indeed! Book a ticket, mel

    I walked into Newtown to see how far it was last night and timed it (dumb story about not getting electricity account, power disconnected, waiting for guy to come, having to be less than 15 minutes away, timing walk to see how far 15 minutes away was) and the centre of Newtown is only 5 minutes away. As such, I calculate there are seven, maybe eight pubs that I would want to buy a drink in less than 10 minutes walk from my front door.

    Not sure about storage. I’ll be unpacking all my books and magazines first, and then seeing how much clothes room I have left. May not be much!!

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