Fun Fun Fun

I have an exercise bike. It is a pretty good one. My brother bought it for me as a 30th birthday present. I am starting to get my discipline back for an exercise regime. Every morning I get up a little earlier than I need to and do a 20 minute ride. From my research […]

on the event mechanics of agency

I have been idly contemplating the role, function and incorporation of creativity into capitalism. The contemplation has been instigated because I now work in a commercial enterprise. For the first time in my life I am being forced to think like a capitalist. There is something liberating and joyful about this. For so long I […]

Enthuse Special Issue

I am unsure of the protocol regarding discussing this stuff on here, but long time readers will know I am not risk adverse when it comes to posting to my blog. When it comes to various activities I am inclined to lean on the side of transparency, until I am advised otherwise, of course… Anyway, […]

Fight Club and the Pragmatics of Ikea

As my Facebook updates have indicated, I have been romanticaly involved with a flat-packed furniture chain store by the name of Ikea. (Ikea is such a pretty name, children?) I just wanted a ‘guy’ relationship, an easy erection, a couple of quick screws, and somewhere to lay down every now and then. But Ikea wanted […]