UNgus UNgus UNgus

I went to a gig for these doods last night.


It was at the Lansdowne hotel in Sydney.


I worked with the bassist at Gleebooks for about 2 years.

Then Pete and I went to the Town Hall hotel, where we basically ruled the pool tables for a couple of hours. They have a cool DJ at the Townie on Saturday nights. The Townie always has the freaks, which I like, and the DJ gets the freaks dancing. Fun +

Then there was this lass who, err… wanted to play pool.


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  1. ROFL. Yes the iphone picture does lack a little contrast and colour reproduction, but what can you do when you are working with coloured Townie lights only. I was trying to work out whether the blonde girl was trying to get cosy with “pool-playing” girl, not sure.

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