Sunset in Sydney

The Romantics proclaimed the beauty of Nature. Kant used events in Nature as examples of the terrifying sublime. I am often surprised when I am caught unawares by the beauty in the world. I don’t get to enjoy the sunset from my balcony much, as I don’t leave work until it is dark every night. I forgot how beautiful it can be.
Sitting at my computer doing an overdue referee for a journal article I became aware of a warm golden light streaming through the blinds. The sun was setting and there were light storm clouds in the sky that were about to drop rain. The clouds burdened with moisture reflected the brilliant orange glow of the setting sun. I took a few photos as the sun set.

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  1. Nature is beautiful. Since I have had an eye operation, I am finding the grass is greener and the sky is bluer – we take the beauty of nature for granted. I loved your sunset photos.

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