Back studying?

To best use my skills developed during my BA (English) and PhD I am looking at doing some sort of short course. I am not sure if I will learn any new skills, more I want to learn how to use my skills I already have. Plus, more importantly, demonstrate to existing and future employers that I can use the skills I already have.

So far I have found this Level IV TAFE course on the advertising media industry. It seems suitable to learn how to speak the jargon of the advertising industry and learn how to interact with advertising media professionals. I know I would be good at such a job and gaining some vocation-oriented training would be good.

Does anyone else have any ideas about either evening or distance/online short courses I could do?

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  1. So… you’ve finally turned to the dark side? 🙂

    What about a PG Cert/Dip in Digital Communications, which I believe includes some marketing etc? The PG coursework is offered afterhours, or so I’m told…

  2. It’s looks like I need to join you. Let me know what you find out mate.

    The academy is confusing. People without PhDs, ARCs, few publications are getting the gigs, despite all the advice saying you need these things and that if you tick the boxes the potential is their for a gig. Industry experience is speaking loudly to recruiters. So keep your eye on the vacancies too. Your industry experience will come into play, eventually.

  3. Kristian, you have just given me a fucking awesome idea!!!!!!! OMG! I could so fucking kiss you right now!

    Clif! I think universities want safe bets. Like any business. Someone who pumps out a million shit articles. Becuase it literally ticks the right boxes. I would like to see evidence of someone being hired that wasn’t a safe bet but has demonstrated their capacity for killer research.

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