My First Capitalist Paper

Monetizing Enthusiasm: The Missed Opportunity of Social Media and Car Enthusiast Magazines

Abstract: The publishing industry that services the scene of modified-car culture in Australia has largely missed the boat when it came to moving from being a once profitable commercial print industry into a profitable social media enterprise. This paper explores the reasons for this failure in the context of the last 30 years of modified-car culture and the enthusiast media industry that developed around it. A number of possible approaches are proposed for monetizing enthusiasm through social media that should be useful for other enthusiast scenes.

When post-structuralist marxists become capitalist.

My heart is well and truly broken.

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  1. ahh but there’s always the third side of a coin we often miss! Nice blog – good to see another Newtownian injecting some sense into this cosmic blob we’re all feeding

  2. Thanks David:) Yeah this post was a tad hyperbolic. I am going to resist my burgeoning capitalist tendencies and post these papers in draft form up here once completed.

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