Brief Photo Essay of My Childhood 1

Some photos from my first excursion around my old neighbourhood. I was feeling a bit diown being back in Perth. I basically didn’t want to be here and was feeling home sick for Sydney. A friend suggested I walk around to the various places that were important for my childhood. She was in Melbourne with her best friend and she was doing something similar.

There has been something slightly cathartic in touring these old sites and seeing all but traces of my own childhood. It at least kept my mind off thinking about missing my Sydney life for a while.

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  1. Yeah, it kind of did. If you click through on any of the photos yo get a brief paragraph or so of some of my thoughts about the relative importance of the sites. It allowed me to think about the sites in a much slower way then I normally would because I had to go through the process of uploading them, editing, arranging the gallery and writing something about each of them briefly.

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