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  1. Ok, so I’m bombing you with comments, but I live for this sort of task.
    Don’t ride down Parramatta Rd: it’s very freaking dangerous and, far worse, it’s very polluted. There are designated bike routes parallel to it on both sides. I favour the inland/south side, the Squeeze favours the other side. The closer you get to the water, the hillier it is (hence my interest in the other side). Riding up to Camperdown will add time to your ride. I’d go through Stanmore, Petersham, Lewisham, Summer Hill, then I’d probably go through Ashfield, Croydon, Burwood, Strathfield, then up through Homebush to Newington, etc.

    I’ve ridden Newtown to Ashfield a zillion times (just got home from it now), and I’ve ridden up the Cooks River in the south to Homebush. It’s a nice ride along Cooks river, but quite slow and windey. It’d shit you for a commute, but it’s very safe and fun. There’s a very clear on-road path from the river up to the Olympic park place, and then to Homebush (and to Ikea).

    For your best options, try Bikely.com. This looks like a good one: http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/UWS-Parramatta-to-UNSW-Kensington
    I see quite a few commuters going along that route on Elizabeth Street, and I take that route from Newtown to Ashfield.

  2. Yeah, that is a good one. Following the railway line practically until the M4/Parra Rd junction is a good idea. Still not sure where to go from there. Surely there must be a path along the M4?

  3. The good thing about following train lines is that they’re flat – because they cut the line into the hills (which is why there should be bike paths all along the train lines, as there are in Melbourne). Flatness is nice if you’re weak like me, but it also saves time as you can barrel along without going slow for uphills.

    I think you need to go out there and investigate on-bike. There are a lot of off-road bike paths out there, especially around the wetlands/Olympic park, etc. Bike paths like those can suck if they get a lot of foot traffic and slow-boat riders. It might be better riding along a quieter road instead (it’s quicker and less frustrating than a shared path).
    There are probably a lot of shortcuts you can take on bike that you can’t take in a car. I find that riding a bike requires a completely different way of thinking about roads/landscape/etc. And you might also want to avoid some routes at night in the dark (eg the routes through the wetlands which look nice during the day but are perfect for rapes/muggings at night in the dark; routes along the edge of nasty factories are also skanky).

    Wait til this shitful hot spell is over then go for an explore. If you have GPS/iphone action, it can be very convenient for mapping/spying out your route.

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