The Affective Cycle of Popular Culture

I would like to teach a course called the “The Affective Cycle of Popular Culture”. Most courses on popular culture are organised around a particular segment of popular culture, such as an industry or particular form of cultural commodity, and then the cultural dimensions of this industry or cultural commodity. I would prefer to follow the ebbs and flows of engagement and disengagement of consumer subjectivity and the structural conditions that coalesce to produce such affective effects.

I am aiming to write a substantial blog post on each of the below topics, hopefully once per fortnight. The posts will not be complete lectures, for example I will not engage with any substantial examples, but they should communicate the substantial points for the given fortnight.

Boredom 1 February, 2011
I engage with Siegfried Kracauer’s 1924 article “Boredom” and Paul Corrigan’s 1975 chapter in Resistance Through Rituals “Doing Nothing”.

Distracting Interests (TBA)

Anxiety and Depression (TBA)

Enthusiasm (TBA)

Anticipation (TBA)

Nostalgia (TBA)

Events and Non-Events (TBA)

Differential Repetition (TBA)

Loyalty (TBA)

Politics (TBA)

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