Developing a Research Track Record

I am presenting next Thursday to the research cluster I am part of at the University of Canberra. It is actually the day after I get back from Melbourne for the Media Traditions conference. I’ve been thinking strategically about what I need to do as part of developing a ‘track record’. Developing a track record is part of my job as an ECR. I have a much longer version of this that basicaly outlines my strategy, and after I present to my cluster and get some feedback I shall post it here.

Enough ROPE? Reflection on ECR Strategy for Building a Track Record
Glen Fuller

Demonstrating ‘track record’ is one of the necessities for ARC grant applications. The ARC research grant funding application assessment process replaced ‘track record’ with a measure of research performance relative to research opportunity (a.k.a. Research Opportunity and Performance Evidence (ROPE)) in 2009. As an ECR, I shall reflect on the industry-agreed characteristics of this requirement and present a strategy for developing a track record as an extension of my PhD research. The strategy straddles three primary areas that are suitable for my current institutional context: publishing record, developing ‘research opportunities’ and leveraging professorial connections. I shall present my 2-3 year strategy to the cluster and welcome feedback, critique, libelous slander, etc. It will also be an opportunity to present a broad overview of my past, present and future research ambitions to the cluster.