A simple observation

A simple observation about the current refugee crisis.

Australians supporting the current way we deal with refugees as a nation are often concerned about refugees being free loaders and seeking out more than they deserve.

Australia is a rich and prosperous country, why should others who are less fortunate demand a slice of our fortune? If my neighbour has a Lamborghini and I would love to own one, then following the refugee free-loading logic, I should be able to simple take it, yeah?

It all seems pretty straight forward. Our political leaders are protecting us from the undeserving masses that will swamp us otherwise. We should celebrate and support our leaders for standing up for us and for not being ‘wimps’.

The crux of the problem is that refugees do not come here to take our material wealth away from us. They may also appreciate fine automobiles and desire a Lamborghini, but they do not seek out refuge in Australia expecting material wealth.

They come here for the essentials of life: food, shelter and security. This is what they expect, what is enshrined in our international commitments.

This is not about insisting that people can be free loaders, this is about helping others seek out freedom.


EDIT: For those wondering why I mention neighbours and Lamborghinis, it is because of a comment on New Matilda, reproduced in part below, by someone who fundamentally does not understand the distinction made above:

The fundamental thing is that no one, not even me, thinks that anyone should be despised for wanting a better life, my neighbor owns a Lamborghini and I would dearly love to own such a car but that does not mean that he should give it to me. Its the same with the privilege of living in Australia just because these people want to live here does not oblige our government to comply. I certainly agree with the thrust of what you say about the balance that we need strike between free enterprise and the needs of the collective. I know the luvvies from the left think otherwise but I think that we largely have the balance close to being OK in this country, not perfect by any means but not that bad either.