CSAA Conference Final Plenary Panel

My ‘mobile phone’ notes on the final plenary panel session of the 2012 CSAA conference  http://www.csaa2012.org/ All panelists addressed the question: What matters for cultural studies? GT Few would describe it as a discipline. Training in a disciplinarity Teaching downgraded. Conduct in everyday life. Don’t believe surrendering the space to solving problems of business. Critical pedagogic […]

Marking & Grading Playlist

Here is the playlist I am listening to whilst marking and grading papers. It is a measure of soothing melancholia and aggressive upbeat tracks, all with a suitable dose of irony: 1. “Be Still” Killers 2. “Best Around” Dana Buoy 3. “Cuntry Boys & City Girls” The Fratellis 4. “Stress” Justice (I am pretty sure […]

Appification of Fitness and Technics of the Body

I modified my recent Code2K12 paper while at was at the conference to introduce a TEDx or ‘Virilio’ moment. By this I mean speculating on the future scenario of present tendencies. I wanted to isolate a tendency in the ways various functions of the magazine are not only repeated in different ways online now (my previous paper), […]

Modulating Appetite

From Mary Wyman’s 1960 book on Whitehead is this example of creativity as part of a general process of concrescence (as becoming): This actualization of potentiality as an ingredient in something real might be illustrated by the experience of Otto Lilienthal, pioneer inventor of the flying glider. Process here is obviously considered on a scale […]

The Map is the Territory

Mel has a very interesting work in progress paper up on her blog on “The territory of the post-professional“. We sometimes share very similar research interests. I’ve also looked at questions of territory and technological assemblages in my Communications Technologies & Change unit this semester. In one week we looked at the relation between predictive […]