machine in the head

via christian is the melbourne uni advertisements for its new business model (play with the massive flying alien billboards that have encircled the Earth and which are preparing for invasion, well at least in Melbourne, as you can tell by the relentless end-of-the-world music commonly used in special effects movies and advertisements for tech commodities). […]

You Are A Che Guevara T-Shirt Wearer

You didn’t know that He wasn’t a singer Of a political rock band — The Clap “Che Guevara T-Shirt Wearer“ Who would’ve thought ‘wearer’ could be made to rhyme with ‘Guevara’? (Irony: Watching “Grin Without a Cat”!) According to the ill-measuring scales at my gym I am 103-104kgs, which is definitely the lightest I have […]

Truth: Jericho and Battlestar

There are some interesting cross-show movements in the most recent Battlerstar Galactica and Jericho episodes involving the relation between fathers and sons, truth, and space/mobility. I am most pleased with Jericho’s recent developments because that show, albeit very interesting, seemed to be playing out some kind of lame soap opera in post-apocalyptic middle-America and was […]