Cultural Studies is more Neo-Liberal than Neo-Liberalism

Michael Berube wrote a deliberately polemical column in The Chronicle of Higher Education about the non-impact of Cultural Studies in US universities. His argument has three dimensions: 1) Cultural Studies has a very slight institutional profile in US institutions. Berube gauges this according to the number of standalone graduate programs in Cultural Studies. 2) Cultural […]

Ethics of Sharing, Adulthood and Online Culture

I have recently written about sharing (halfway down the post) in the context of new experiences producing new configurations of intimacy and estrangement. Cathie McGinn has an interesting and, for me at least, provocative post on her blog about the tension between the public/private distinction and the socio-technical convenience of sharing online. She argues that […]

Fertile Ground

Terry Flew has posted on Marcus Westbury‘s discussion in The Age about the perceived conflict between “arts for art’s sake” and “creative industries”. Mark Bahnisch weighs in and suggests that Marcus has not “succeeded in overcoming the dichotomy [between creative industries and traditional arts] here.” I am not sure if the point is to overcome […]