Workers to Control Chrysler

From the Financial Times (via Dollars & Sense): The United Auto Workers’ union will own 55 per cent of Chrysler and Italy’s Fiat will eventually own 35 per cent of the carmaker after a balance sheet restructuring, with remaining stock split between Chrysler’s secured lenders and the US federal government, according to a UAW document […]

Fun Fun Fun

I have an exercise bike. It is a pretty good one. My brother bought it for me as a 30th birthday present. I am starting to get my discipline back for an exercise regime. Every morning I get up a little earlier than I need to and do a 20 minute ride. From my research […]

Knight Rider style turbo boost for F1?

Green Car Congress has a post about the recent redesign of Formular One automotive racing technologies. No all teams will be allowed to incorporate some sort of battery mechanism for storing energy (accumulated through regenerative braking and the like). There is a debate about mechanical (like a flywheel) versus chemical (like normal consumer batteries) energy […]

Seven Pounds

One of the hardest things about road safety campaigns is selecting (is that the right word?) the most effective affective resonance. People who understand the anguish and grief produced by road accidents normally pose it as a question: What would you do if one of your mates died? What would you do if you killed […]