Hello Blog!

I’ve been a bit busy lately and have been neglecting my blog. Firstly, I’ve been promoted at my day job from Feature Writer to Production Editor. This has meant a different set of responsibilities, which I am enjoying, but also a new set of opportunities. I’ve been attacking these new opportunities with gusto as my […]

Pub Theory: Cultural Studies when it isn’t

Mel Gregg has a post on her blog about how no one has come forward wanting to host the annual CSAA conference. In the comments she writes this zinger: But the consistency with which the association has backed away from engaging in activism, on the very basis of its inclusiveness, is perhaps the impasse that […]

New Mobilities

(Looks very interesting. Note that it includes a set of readings. I have RSVP’d for this already.) Centre for Contemporary Art and Politics The Centre for Contemporary Art and Politics, CoFA, UNSW is inviting applications from potential participants in New Mobilities The workshop will be organised around a series of separate platforms spread across the […]