Make the Most of Career Opportunity!

What does it mean to have a tactical relation to opportunity? What is an ‘opportunity’? What are the affects of ‘opportunity’? Mel Gregg has an excellent post In Praise of Strategic Complacency over at Home Cooked Theory. In it she is critiquing of the neoliberal discourse through which most academics are encouraged to understand their […]

McKenzie Wark visit to University of Canberra

McKenzie Wark is visiting Australia next week and is giving talks at various places. He will be giving a seminar at the University of Canberra. Location: Room B02, Building 2, University of Canberra Date: Wednesday, 19 October 2011 Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm From thought as an occupation to some thoughts on the occupation Twenty years […]

Adorno as a critical theorist of temporality

Any critique of Adorno’s concept of the culture industry or mass culture that begins by introducing the notion of identity and the relation between identity and any segment of culture focuses on what is essentially the weakest, if not inconsequential, part of Adorno’s critique. The ‘identity’ critique is based on an overvaluation of the importance […]

Enthusiasm: The Existential Territory of the Challenge

For the development of “ploys” depends upon finding some method for distinguishing among practices to find those that are politically useful: how is it possible to separate out practices that “the system of products effects within the consumer grid” from those that are “art” or maneuvers by consumers in the room left to them by […]

Quick Comment: Jon Roffe’s review of Nathan Widder’s Reflections on Time and Politics

This is a quick post Jon Roffe’s review of Nathan Widder’s Reflections on Time and Politics in the latest issue of Parrhesia. I do not have time for a substantial post. I want to briefly point out an alternative reading of Deleuze that relates to Roffe’s final point in his review: My final point concerns […]