How to Write a Cultural Studies paper

Perfect timing for everyone writing their CSAA papers, here is How to Write a Cultural Studies Paper (via Az). Those funny Norwegians. He even thanks Keith Windschuttle… What a crack up! Yes, I do mean that in the technical Deleuzian sense. Phoarrrrr! Cultural Studies is a drug; one must write with an ethics of sobriety. […]

Italian Effects Cultural Studies Review

Picked up my complimentary contributor’s copy of Cultural Studies Review from the office today. Just started reading it. Not sure when it’ll become available online. Brett Neilson has a great article, “Provincialising the Italian Effect”. On radical Italian thought: “Like their associates elsewhere, Italian thinkers understand the current era of globalisation as a phase in […]

Suffer the Little Autodidacts…

With a certain kind of joy and misery I am beginning to understand the importance of teachers. If I ever supervise a student working with Deleuze, I can tell them to read certain things first so they don’t spend months trying to figure out what is wrong… Although I intuited such a thing a while […]