It is difficult enough to figure out when people are being serious or not in everyday face-to-face conversation, let alone online or in other ‘nu-tech’ scriptual economies, such as mobile phone texting… The emoticon emerged as a direct result of the lack of easily expressible affect in online exchanges. The genealogy of the emoticon probably […]

Wildside: Kinematography

Lately I have been getting into the ABC tv program. I like the dialogue and the distinctly Australian humour. Sometimes I genuinely laugh while watching the show, not at the characters or writing, but with the characters when they laugh. It is a different experience to laugh at something like South Park compared to laughing […]

Choice, Difference, Singularity

(in reply to sdv’s post in the comments here.) Steve, My use of ‘choice’ was rather banal, and quite possibly ‘wrong'(!!), and comes from the Laerke paper: “The axiomatic choice of the more geometrico for Badiou is a site for an event popping out of emptiness, an ‘absolute beginning’ on the order of emptiness.” 91-92 […]

Can the Majoritarian Shut Up and Listen?

The shame of being a man — is there any other better reason to write? Even when it is a woman who is becoming, she has to become-woman, and this becoming has nothing to do with a state she could claim as her own. To become is not to attain a form (identification, imitation, Mimesis) […]