Deleuzean Poetics

The drusy awakens our interest in beauty by signaling that a process of self-organizing self-differentiation has occured. It is not the drusiness that is beautiful, but the autonomy that it expresses. Hotness for your spirit. The autonomy expressed by a drusy is beautiful. Instead of lucky, we should all be so drusy. Sometimes Massumi’s work […]

The Paradox of the Inexpressible Incorporeal Event of Stuttering

“We bring bodies to the surface [of language], as we deprive them of their former depth, even if we place the entire language through this challenge in a situation of risk. This time the disorders are of the surface; they are lateral and spread out from right to left. Stuttering has replaced the gaffe; the […]

The Cosmological In-Difference of When Shit Happens

Thoughts about the ‘event’ and shit going on around the world have passed through my mind quite a lot lately. Inspired by Christian’s comment about D&G being “the ultimate style of the Secret Conspiracy” I have decided talk some shit. One of the funniest bits of Forrest Gump was the scene where the guy invents […]