Notes to an Article

I have had an article in the works for a while now where I have tried to address how to write articles for enthusiast magazines with the example of enthusiast magazines that service modified-car culture. The problem I was having was with how to position it. I have some great material derived from my PhD […]


The enthuse issue of MC Journal is finally up. It wasn’t easy juggling a fulltime (plus!) job and getting the issue sorted. In the future I shall leave myself much more time to organise what needs to be organised. I thank all the contributors for their patience and excellent work. I also thank Axel Bruns […]

Enthuse Special Issue

I am unsure of the protocol regarding discussing this stuff on here, but long time readers will know I am not risk adverse when it comes to posting to my blog. When it comes to various activities I am inclined to lean on the side of transparency, until I am advised otherwise, of course… Anyway, […]