Waiter! There is teh internets in my dinner…

Idea: Cabaret dinner theatre/bar where the main drawcard over Thursday-Sunday nights involves performers acting out the top five clips from youtube the day before. Two performances a night perhaps, one at 6:30 and one at 9:30. Tourist attraction? Finite sized establishment would introduce a weird new dynamic into the question of access. I am pretty […]

what a joke!

I am getting over 100 visitors a day to a joke post I wrote last year. I don’t want to link to it because I want to see how many more comments it can get. It makes me laugh. Out loud.

Spammers announce World War 3

World War 3 as media event? Hackers are deluging web users with malware-laden spam claiming that World War III has started following a US invasion of Iran. Security experts warned today that spam emails with subject lines including ‘Third World War has begun’, ‘20000 US Soldiers in Iran’ and ‘US Army crossed Iran’s borders’ have […]