Quick Comment: Jon Roffe’s review of Nathan Widder’s Reflections on Time and Politics

This is a quick post Jon Roffe’s review of Nathan Widder’s Reflections on Time and Politics in the latest issue of Parrhesia. I do not have time for a substantial post. I want to briefly point out an alternative reading of Deleuze that relates to Roffe’s final point in his review: My final point concerns […]

on the event mechanics of agency

I have been idly contemplating the role, function and incorporation of creativity into capitalism. The contemplation has been instigated because I now work in a commercial enterprise. For the first time in my life I am being forced to think like a capitalist. There is something liberating and joyful about this. For so long I […]

Ghost in the Spielberg

Dreamworks has bought the rights to the Ghost in the Shell franchise. Hmmm… What is to come of my favourite Deleuze-and-Guattari-citing, massive-robot, sexy-cyborg work of Japanese popular culture? A 3-D live action thiller apprently. Ok… Live action rhizomes? The ‘ghost’ and the ‘shell’ correlate with what Deleuze described as the incorporeal and corporeal dimensions of […]

steve martin: you had to be there

Comedian Steve Martin has a piece in the Smithsonian (via BB) in which he discusses the mechanics of humor in terms of the affective tension and (non)release of this tension. He describes what is literally the management (affective modulation) of what Deleuze and Guattari (following Bateson) call a plateau of intensity. In a college psychology […]