coming soon to the innertubes

Just spent a few hours this morning being interviewed for a 3rd year Media Studies student project about modified-car culture, the scene and street racing. The footage will be edited as part of a website. The students were interested in the issue because of the recent minor-scale moral panic about street racing. Part of the […]

Hoon Media Coverage

A bit of a wrap-up of my brief quotes and media appearances over the last week. First up was Sydney’s Daily Telegraph last Saturday (03/08/07), and some of the content was rewritten for the following day’s issue of Perth’s Sunday Times.The Telegraph article was quite good. It explored some of the complexities of the issue, […]

anxiety, stress, depression… and fun!

I haven’t quite figured out how to make anxiety and stress productive instead of depressive yet. Yesterday was a bad day for me. I had chopped up the previous version of the diss and extracted the relevant bits for the next chapter. This basically involves most of the discussion of the development of the Street […]