Unemployment timebomb

A bomb of time would surely be found in the Dr Who universe, but in the UK Telegraph (via D&S), Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, lays out how we are about to enter Phase II of the GFC where the situation begins to emulate the Depression. Highlights: The Centre for Labour Market Studies (CLMS) in Boston says US […]

Workers to Control Chrysler

From the Financial Times (via Dollars & Sense): The United Auto Workers’ union will own 55 per cent of Chrysler and Italy’s Fiat will eventually own 35 per cent of the carmaker after a balance sheet restructuring, with remaining stock split between Chrysler’s secured lenders and the US federal government, according to a UAW document […]

(Not really) Life at Walmart

It started when I read Nickel and Dimed, in which Atlantic contributor Barbara Ehrenreich denounces the exploitation of minimum-wage workers in America. Somehow her book didn’t ring true to me, and I wondered to what extent a preconceived agenda might have biased her reporting. Hence my application for a job at the nearest Wal-Mart. OMG […]

Labour and living conditions

[T]he political class is “blithely yakking about ‘rising expectations,’ while millions of people’s hopes are plummeting at speed.” Now this is truly an example of division and special interests workers should pay attention to. For those wondering about the possible effect of Workchoices in Australia, over on Dollars & Sense, Larry Peterson has a blog […]