Blokes Bonding: Homosociality, Enthusiasm and Modified-Car Culture

I have finished a first draft of a journal article derived from my PhD; it is primarily focused on the concept of homosociality that I use and expand in the context of actual experience. More work needs to go into the introduction section. I’d be keen to hear from others who have not read my […]

Emo: Counter-hegemonic suburban masculinities

One of my students found this MA thesis by Matthew J. Aslaksen submitted to the Bowling Green State University August 2006. From the abstract: I have argued that emo represents challenge to conventional norms of hegemonic middle-class masculinity, a challenge which has come about as a result of feelings of discontent with the emotional repression […]

phallic appetition

So I have finished the final draft of the essay for the art exhibition catalogue. It is for Swedish artist Karl Tuikkanen. I am awaiting to hear what he thinks! Here is the final draft of the essay: phallic appetition. I use the ‘money shot’ to think about the relation between gender (derived from the […]