Notes to an Article

I have had an article in the works for a while now where I have tried to address how to write articles for enthusiast magazines with the example of enthusiast magazines that service modified-car culture. The problem I was having was with how to position it. I have some great material derived from my PhD […]

How to write a feature car story for modified-car enthusiast magazines

We are hiring a whole bunch of new people at work, I have been working on a scholarly article about writing for car magazines, but I now realise I need to write a far simpler version so it is useful for people who may actually become motoring writers. The following is based on my experiences […]

Blokes Bonding: Homosociality, Enthusiasm and Modified-Car Culture

I have finished a first draft of a journal article derived from my PhD; it is primarily focused on the concept of homosociality that I use and expand in the context of actual experience. More work needs to go into the introduction section. I’d be keen to hear from others who have not read my […]

Notes to a Scholarly Article on Writing Enthusiasm: Part 2

Part 1 is here Writing Enthusiasm: Defining a Working Conceptualisation of Enthusiasm Enthusiasm is defined by the challenges within which it is mobilised. The theoretical point here is that enthusiasm is an event repeated in different ways depending on the situation. One key influence on my thinking here is Gilles Deleuze. It is fun to […]