January 2013 workout playlist

Here is my current workout playlist. It is a bit of a mix of different styles, mostly hipster kind of  indie/rock and electro of various genres. It is about an hour’s worth. Also, I finally bought an indoor rowing machine and now I am in the online rankings (currently equal 68th in weight/age group for […]

Marking & Grading Playlist

Here is the playlist I am listening to whilst marking and grading papers. It is a measure of soothing melancholia and aggressive upbeat tracks, all with a suitable dose of irony: 1. “Be Still” Killers 2. “Best Around” Dana Buoy 3. “Cuntry Boys & City Girls” The Fratellis 4. “Stress” Justice (I am pretty sure […]

The Drop as Transversal Element (or data-driven music journalism?)

I’ve been looking for a fun example to push the boundaries of what is possible when doing data-driven journalism in our Online News unit this semester. I used Skrillex in a lecture last year to discuss affect and popular music (Lawrence Grossberg’s work is good on the way affect can be analysed in terms of […]