How to write a feature car story for modified-car enthusiast magazines

We are hiring a whole bunch of new people at work, I have been working on a scholarly article about writing for car magazines, but I now realise I need to write a far simpler version so it is useful for people who may actually become motoring writers. The following is based on my experiences […]

on the event mechanics of agency

I have been idly contemplating the role, function and incorporation of creativity into capitalism. The contemplation has been instigated because I now work in a commercial enterprise. For the first time in my life I am being forced to think like a capitalist. There is something liberating and joyful about this. For so long I […]


Trying to be lazy these last two days. It is hard work being lazy. I snuck in some Kant and administrative work. I work tomorrow. Wrote a bad poem, lol! Inhalation: Sweetest sweet ass poison, Burns, relieves, focuses. Well, exhale, And we had the ciggies, at least.