street machine blog

A belated welcome to Simon Telford, the deputy editor of Street Machine Magazine, who has fired up his blog (again?). Street Machine came into existence in 1981. It ermerged from another title called Van Wheels, which in turn emerged from one fot he first enthusiast publications in Australia, the Australian Hot Rodding Review. I trace […]

Abstract, second draft

Here is another abstract, this time organised around the ‘thesis’ of my dissertation (previous chapter by chapter summary version here). It is too long and contains too many ‘glenisms’. I am posting it here because it is a very good summary of my argument for those who have been wondering wtf Glen has been on […]

Street Machine 25th Anniversary Issue

Street Machine magazine has its 25th Anniversary issue on the stands. It has a six page history article. Finally I have an official historical account of the 30 year period of which I am writing about in my dissertation. There has been absolutely no history of ‘contemporary’ modified-car culture in Australia until now. I have […]