It is difficult enough to figure out when people are being serious or not in everyday face-to-face conversation, let alone online or in other ‘nu-tech’ scriptual economies, such as mobile phone texting… The emoticon emerged as a direct result of the lack of easily expressible affect in online exchanges. The genealogy of the emoticon probably […]

Fast Forward/Fastback: Trepanier – eBay Motors project car

The Trepanier built, eBay Motors sponsored Ford Mustang project produced a very cool car. What is very interesting about his project is that all parts, including the original car, were purchased through eBay. The networks of enthusiasm that produce and maintain what I call the ‘trading-post economy’ of modified-car culture were explicitly incorporated into eBay’s […]

Rudy Koshar paper

Just found an essential article for anyone thinking of writing any scholarly work on cars: Koshar, R. (2001). “On the History of the Automobile in Everyday Life.” Contemporary European History 10(1): 143-154. It is a review article and it does a pretty bloody good job of introducing the scholarship on the history of the automobile […]