Yeah… those pesky writers’ strikes… In the future can all consumers of popular culture agree that we demand that all shows cease and absolutely under no circumstances attempt to duct tape a rushed plot together to satisfy the demands of their capitalist overlords. I mean, seriously… ffs… The end of Battlestar Galactica is both sad […]


Story is now available for viewing through the NineMSN video player page for the story. From the Sunday website: There is a perception, peculiar to fans of talkback radio, that car hoons have taken over the streets of our capital cities, conducting illegal races that endanger the lives of ordinary motorists and road users. Then, […]

Sunday this Sunday

So I’m on TV again about ‘hoons’. This Sunday. From what I could infer from the tone of voice of one of the producers (or production assistants) it may not be all sweetness and light for me. Hmmm… At least they know I have passed my PhD now. I think I’ll have to repost a […]