Sheds are a suburban phenomenon. Actually I’ve seen them in the inner-city, as a kind of communal garden shed, and of course in the country of a much larger scale, but the suburban shed is a different beast. It requires some basic skills to erect and a space in which to erect it. Sheds are […]

The Art of Small Talk

[I have been writing this for a while. It is a little uneven and maybe even a little bizarre.] What if you didn’t know how to make small talk? Small talk is not something you have, it is something created between a population of attendent speakers. Let’s call these attenedent speakers ‘players’ because they are […]

Truth, Expectation, Simulacra

Has there been some sort of cosmic traffic jam between truth and expectation? We all know about the relationship between truth and simulacra. Where it is not a question of simulacra as some sort of non-truth, rather it is a concern with the truth of simulacra. Here truth is a camouflage of lies and desire […]