Prince of Networks #3: Cinema for bugs and dogs?

This was originally written as a reply on Levi Bryant’s blog as part of the on going discussion of Graham Harman‘s book on Bruno Latour Prince of Networks. Please read the previous post first to get some context if needed. So, I was going to wait until I’d actually finished the book, but, hey, why […]

Prince of Networks#2: Conceptual Prehensions?

EDIT 26/07/09: Graham Harman has responded to this post on his blog. Apologies for the tone of the opening paragraph. Graham seems pretty cool, how can he not be after being a sportswriter! The opening para is for my non-academic readers who neither have an interest or the professional investment in reading, discussing and debating […]

Scale, Events and Object-Oriented Philosophy

I am very fluey writing this, and have easily gone through a third of a big box of tissues blowing my nose. I’ve taken a day off work and with not much else to do I thought I’d catch up on my blogging. A couple of years ago I flagged the problem of scale when […]

on the event mechanics of agency

I have been idly contemplating the role, function and incorporation of creativity into capitalism. The contemplation has been instigated because I now work in a commercial enterprise. For the first time in my life I am being forced to think like a capitalist. There is something liberating and joyful about this. For so long I […]

phallic appetition

So I have finished the final draft of the essay for the art exhibition catalogue. It is for Swedish artist Karl Tuikkanen. I am awaiting to hear what he thinks! Here is the final draft of the essay: phallic appetition. I use the ‘money shot’ to think about the relation between gender (derived from the […]