Super busy fun time

Currently writing my application for yet another extension. I feel so tired of these administrative tasks, not in an arrogant sort of way of ‘why should I have to fill them out’, but because of the absolute stress that the administrative tasks themselves produce. This stress is separate to the stress and anxiety of the actual scholarly work, or is at least another dimension of it.

Over the last few days I have received the dissertation chapter feedback I have wanted for about the last two years from my supervisors (paraphrasing): “Yes, this is good work. Only needs minor revisions.” I am on track after finally finding a balance between the massive amount of empircal work and the theatrics of the conceptual drama. Now I tend to think of my empirical work as providing the basis for developing my own tools (ie Enthusiasm), extracted from certain examples, and then used to analyse another situation (ie cultural industry).

Yet, I am currently stressed out of my brain about getting another extension. The administrative tasks are the clearest example yet that the university is there to reproduce itself in certain ways. The cycle of administrative tasks allow the university to function in a certain way, a functioning which is not related to the actual practices of learning, teaching, or researching.

Isolating the intellectual or scholarly work dimensions of a PhD or any reseach project from the administrative dimensions is clearly a false move; they are inseparable. The administrative dimension is basically a form of governance however, so why not shift to the neo-liberal paradigm of governance, and govern by way of enabling certain behaviour (high quality research), instead of crippling it?

I am also working on another version of my abstract to be sent to potential examiners.

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  1. take it or leave advice from someone who wants you to kick butt re: diss abstact revis, ditch chapter by chapter outline – go the central argument, key motivation for, relevant context of ie considering the past for mapping the present problematic, foregrounding why this research has purchase academically and in the public sphere-NOW. Distill your best ideas into killer punches- go for it tiger!

  2. thanks for encouragement, satch!! (and mum!)

    my primary super sent me examples from her previous students. basically she has said the same thing as you re moving to more of a central argument version.

    but it is crazy how the line of argument only emerges now when i am on the fourth version of the diss and after 4.5 years of constant work.

  3. I guess that is why they call it research- if you could a more direct route you could pick up at a drive thru at Mackers. the clarity and confidence seemed to be coming but not at the expense of the passion and the angst with structural complicity. those blogs stats are more interesting than one would expect, given my aversion to stats or was that stds. cheers

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