I have been thinking about the inevitable book proposal based on my dissertation. Got various ideas. The most attractive idea to me at the moment is to split up my dissertation into hard core theory head stuff on enthusiasm and scenens and the archival research on modified-car culture in Australia. The historical work for a short book on the history of the scene in Australia. For this I would have to do a solid amount of more work. The theory head stuff for journal articles. A history of the scene would be very popular I think.

Robert Post’s history of drag racing in the US has had two editions and it pretty much required reading for any drag racing enthusiast in the US. I imagine a similar set up with this sort of book. It would require much more work to turn my bare bones history developed purely for the purposes of understanding ‘enthusiasm’ into something worthy of a book in its own right. I would need to do some interviews of key stakeholders of the different events that I’d focus on.

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  1. Glen – huge hypothetical congrats for hypothetical achievements. totally agree with your intuition re: a book on the history of the scene. i would totally want to read and use that book – and it will be inevitably be informed by the hard-core stuff.


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