UWS executive blog

The chancellory of my university has a blog. It has existed since July, but I only discovered it now.

I have left a few comments, but is moderated so I am not too sure when of if they’ll appear. It seems like a very formal space. I hardly think there’ll be a weekly lol cat post or something.

Here is one comment in response to this proposal about the forthcoming situation of replacing the current staff in 10-15 years:

Although the experience-building argument regarding the casualised labour of young academics seems to be a good thing, there must be caution regarding the capacity of these people (I am one) to actually live when there is currently no guarantee of work beyond the semester end. This includes the silly situation of casual academics being unemployed over summer or winter breaks. Most hardline neo-liberal economists would at least recognise the fact that to have a workforce you need to provide enough work and pay for it to sustain itself.

A business would simply go bankrupt, however in the university sector there is always another cohort of PhD graduates.

The introduction of meritocratic medium-term contracts that exceed the duration of single teaching periods (1 or 2 years) will at least allow young academics to have some financial security.