Yeah… Riots.

Some dudes stacked it in a stolen car. (Didn’t they know that coppers have to call off chases if they drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road? Awesome tactic.) Anyway, so there were allegedly riots. The SMH ran with the below picture. I would to, otherwise all you see are empty streets and a couple of dickheads. Where are the hundreds of people? Maybe they are confusing ‘people’ with ‘people seen.’ A bit like confusing ‘page loads’ on a website for ‘actual visitors.’ Talk it up SMH. Maybe everyone was at Tropfest? I believe the ABC more then the SMH.

NSW police superintendent John Sweeney, from Macquarie Fields, said the situation was tense but police remained in control at all times.
“We did not engage this conflict,” Supt Sweeney said.
“It started in response to a fire, however police were met by two groups within the community who took it upon themselves to hamper police in their work.”

Oh, so police fight fires now? Anyway, here is some video. The Sky TV reporter contradicts Sweeney. ‘Police were in riot gear ready to go at the first sign of trouble,’ and ‘when the police left the tension died down.’

Here is something sensible, but the award for the smartest-person-on-the-night goes to this local:

“They’ve been taunting the cops all day long to come and they’ve succeeded and the pigs are f—ing stupid, man. If only they knew that the only way to prevent this happening is if they didn’t take the bait. My mates wanted me to help them hurt a couple of pigs, but there’s no way. I don’t want to go back to jail.

“For the past 12 years the cops have been coming here throwing blokes into the back of paddy wagons and taking them on joy rides where they beat the shit out of them. It’s no wonder everyone who lives around here hates the f—ing cops.”

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