Welcome to Event Mechanics

Hi and welcome to Event Mechanics!

Hopefully you have made it over here to my new blog from my old blog without too much of a hassle. I have played around with the basic Slate 1.0 template and done a few other things you can read about here.

New posts are on the way soon, but I am going to take a few days off from the blog as it has taken me 2.5 days (and some rather sleepless nights) of solid work to transfer the old blog post database from Blogger and change it for this blog. This has meant coding it all with WordPress categories and changing all the internal links from the old blog URLs to the new. The two databases are not the same.

The good news is that this blog is super sexy, no, that is not right… The good news is I own the domain and I am not going anywhere for a while. So everyone please change your feeds to the new ones.

Oh, the new blog title comes from my interest in the ‘event‘, and the fact the only time I was congratulated for a riposte on my old blog was after this comment:

I don’t deconstruct, noelene. I am a mechanic.

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  1. Awesome. Love the new name. Like the best titles it does a lot of work.

    Where are you hosted? How much, if I can be so rude to ask. 😉

  2. jesus fucking christ! check out the flash new yuppie digs. have you seen daylight in that time ??


    Better make it accesible tand avoid Theory or some will take a 4×2 to your knees hehe. seee csaa list. talk about inbred.

    are you havin’ an event to celebrate this event-based eventuality?

  3. Good lookin’. I’m impressed whenever anyone can make the reversed-text from a dark background work. And of course getting out of the blogspot ghetto is always an event to be celebrated.
    Errata: the header image seems too wide for the rest of the page. Is that deliberate? (Mac OS, Firefox

  4. cheers ben, cliff and liam! it was actually a massive amount of work transferring the old database. reading almost two years of my life was hard work.

    Liam, I am not sure!?!? what resolution are you running? I have a new w/s LCD monitor (as a gift from my father currently visiting from WA)! So I am running 1680×1050, which means that I have a warped view of things. The header image is 1000 px wide. Could you email me a screenshot?

    btw, apparently I had/have comments on moderation. I will have to sought out how that works exactly.

  5. oh, Ben, hosting is free!


    what I didn’t realise is that it is quite common to use a server software program/bundle called fantastico. fantastico includes a range of programs, such as wordpress and wiki programs, that can be installed very easily.

    There is a bit of stuffing around (like figuring out how to change server permissions on particular files!!!) if you have had no experience running and creating a web site. I have made frontpage sites before, so I wasn’t completely green, but it was a question of figuring out the right questions to ask, to get the answers you wanted more than anything else.

    next stage will be figuring out how the code works.

  6. Holy crap! Free hosting!

    Now all I need is a domain. Hmm… cheap domains.

    If you need to figure out how the code works for wordpress the main wordpress.com site is excellent.

  7. God I wish I’d known about Jumba before I coughed up for my website. Still, this place looks great, Glen. On a mac the header image is too big but everything else is swanky and fits your … writing? project? perfectly.

  8. too big, aye? can you send me a screen capture shot of what the header image looks like and I’ll try to modify it.

    I have a feeling it might be possible to transform it into a concertina-type image made up of little slices based on an image that is only 600 or 800px across. On larger resolutions/screens the slices (of say 20 px) are distributed across a given space with black gaps inbetween. That would be a pretty funky effect, suitable for the blog, as it would transform the header into something that explicitly references the evental nature of itself as the contingent relation (of the assemblage) between reader, blog (tech and text), and writer; that is, as an expression on someone else’s computer!

    Or I could just be a techno-economic determinist and say ‘bugger Macs’, lol

  9. Congrats, glen.

    Nice looking site — sleek. I’ll try to remember to pop by a bit more often than in the past.

    BTW, I second the comment about the header image (OSX 10.4.7, Camino, Intel MBP).

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